Green Design: Sustainable Textiles


Green Design: Sustainable Textiles Many of us are accustomed to thinking about sustainability when it comes to everyday items we use as part of our busy lifestyles. It’s not actually a thought process, but rather an adaption we have developed while living our lives on auto drive. We recycle our water bottles, inquire about the newest auto models’ MPGs, shop for local produce, and take reusable bags to the market. But what about our fabric choices? How much thought goes into the choices we make regarding fabrics that we use over and over on a daily basis: the fabric on …

January/February 2011


About The Cover   This unusual bathroom features Oceanside Glasstile’s Tessera 1-in. x 1-in. tiles in the Spruce non-iridescent. Founded more than 16 years ago, the company was created when three glass artists and a bean counter were united by a singular passion—to interpret art glass in new forms for architecture and interior design. Locally, Oceanside Glasstile is available at Louisville Tile, Renaissance Tile, and Traditions in Tile.