Pretty Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture 2021 One of the benefits of the global pandemic is that homeowners have rediscovered their homes and what they love about the space they have created. It’s also been an opportunity to live in spaces that weren’t used to full capacity. One of those spaces is outdoor space. For 2021, homeowners want the comfort and quality of their inside furniture to extend to their outdoor living space. That investment is about balancing quality, beauty, and durability. New trends in outdoor furniture reflect the reimagined importance of the outdoors as a place that combines fresh air, natural light, and …

March/April issue

Make your outdoor living area inviting with some comfy throw pillows, a pouf and amazing furniture. Carry your color palette from inside your home to your outside living area. Use some warm outdoor accent places, an outdoor run, some candles and make that space your own.

January/February 2019 Cover

Summer Classics’ outdoor furnishings promise beauty, comfort, and easy living. The company’s Croquet Teak collection—sturdy and timeless—features a handsome, classic look with hand carved detailing. The pieces are available in natural teak and oyster teak finishes. For information call 615/ 783-1889 or visit

March/April 2011


Celebrate spring on your deck or patio with this cheerful furniture from Lane Venture. The Natchez Collection blends southern charm with deep seated comfort creating a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Each piece starts with natural materials and is protected with a finish designed to seal and protect the natural rattan from exposure to the elements. For more information visit