14 unique ways to decorate with contact paper

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How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget With Contact Paper


Whether you are looking to add a pop of color to your space or simply want to cover up the wear and tear of your home, contact paper is your new best friend. Contact paper is less expensive and less permanent than traditional wallpaper. It has a design on one side and adhesive on the other, allowing you to attach it to almost any surface. 


Contact paper comes in every design imaginable. The most classic look, used for countertop revamps, is the marbled pattern. Other designs include granite, brick, stainless steel, wood and translucent. 


Once you have chosen your design, you can get creative with the placement. We have inspiration on how to decorate each room of your house with contact paper. Read through to see which ideas you can mimic in your own house. 


The entryway is the first thing your guests will notice when they arrive. It’s also the area that welcome’s you home after a long day of work. Be sure this space is an area you enjoy by updating it with contact paper. 


One way to do this is by transforming the floors. Whether you just want a lighter wood pattern or you’d prefer a fun tile pattern, contact paper can do the trick. Another accent that will stand out is adding brightly colored contact paper to the stairs. This little touch will make a big difference in your entryway. 

Living Room

Your living room is where you relax at the end of the day. Be sure it is a stylish environment that you enjoy by adding contact paper to the wall or table. Using a wood pattern, you can create a rustic accent wall that goes well with farmhouse decor. For a more modern approach, use marble contact paper to transform a coffee table. 


The kitchen is prone to wear and tear due to the amount of time you spend preparing food. Luckily, a few simple revamps can transform the space. Have you always wanted a backsplash but never had the budget or time? Contact paper can be used to create this stylish look. 


Another easy fix is using stainless steel contact paper to cover an old dishwasher. Your dishwasher may work fine but the color doesn’t match your space. Covering it with contact paper can give you the new look you’ve been dreaming of. 



You may not realize it, but the bathroom can influence your mood for the day. You spend at least an hour getting ready in the bathroom each day. Be sure it’s a place you enjoy by making small updates. 


Do you have cracks on the counter? A countertop can be transformed with a dark granite contact paper. Need a little privacy in your bathroom? Try adding translucent paper to the door or window. This way you’ll still recieve natural light but you’ll have a private environment to start your day. 


Make your bedroom a retreat that you are excited to visit each night. A few updates can make all the difference. 


Create a stylish space to hold all your designer clothes. Add contact paper to the front of your dresser drawers for a statement piece of furniture. Update your lampshade by adding a contact paper design. If you get tired of the look, you can easily remove the paper.  


As you can see, contact paper can be used in many different ways. Hopefully these contact paper ideas give you inspiration to transform your own home on a budget. 

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