Franklin Townhome Transformation

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Dawn D. Totty Reveals Customized Franklin Townhome Transformation

“I don’t care if it’s 600 sq ft or 6,000 sq ft. It should have the same “wow factor” regardless of the size or space,” says Dawn D. Totty of Dawn D. Totty Designs.

Totty’s optimism and desire to accentuate a space’s positive features has led her to be one of Tennessee’s most hired designers. When she was asked to design a newly purchased Franklin townhome, she was immediately up for the challenge.

The Franklin area townhome, which is owned by singer Jason Crabb’s managers, now serves as a relaxing second home for them as they split their time between two locations. They had been clients of Dawn’s before, and they were confident she could meet and exceed expectations yet again.

Totty was turned loose to redesign the nearly blank slate from top to bottom. Before it’s unrecognizable transformation, the townhome was a solid slate of gray. “I purchased a majority of the contents through Houzz within 10 days. I was able to save my clients a lot of money with the “deep designer discounts,” and didn’t have to worry about bouncing from place to place,” reveals Totty.

From the beginning, she knew she wanted to create an individualistic and minimalistic space. “I wanted to be sure that this space wouldn’t be a sterile townhome environment. Sometimes people feel as if their hands are tied and they are restricted because of square footage. A small space can psychologically inhibit people, but for me, I think of the endless possibilities in these small spaces,” reveals Totty.

“To warm up the space, I brought in rugs, custom window treatments, custom pillows, custom open concept shelving and high-end light fixtures. I went with a very contemporary, monochromatic look. You will see light touches of patterns in the textiles. I went for neutral tones – taupes, grays and creams,” she adds.

When Totty’s clients came to the big reveal, it was clear that they were elated.

“It is hard to believe that this is the same space! We didn’t even paint the walls. This is why Dawn D. Totty is an award-winning designer and voted as a “Best of the best” over and over again. I love her as a friend as much as a designer,” says client Tina.

In less than 30 days, Dawn D. Totty Designs turned an ordinary townhome into a stunning showroom. Subsequently, the townhome has increased in value. In an ever-competitive real estate market, identical layouts need a uniquely personalized charm. Totty feels honored to have achieved this.

As she stands back and looks at her latest project, she is reminded of the “why” behind her “what.”

“It’s so rewarding to create a space of elegance and calm that my clients can enjoy after a busy day. Seeing their reaction is priceless. Knowing this space will bring them joy is why I do what I do – it’s truly everything.”

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