Top Trending Window Treatments

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Window treatments provide privacy, let the sun in (or not) and help to keep the cold weather out. They dress up windows and make rooms look formal and elegant, modern or romantic, or create a whimsical or bold design statement. They can also make or break a room design.

Window Treatment trends for 2020 take old materials and make them new. There are different schools of thought regarding the shape of window treatments in 2020, but most experts agree, simple is better. Beth Jones of The Interior Collection offers, “straight, European pleated panels or ripplefold panels,”  are a growing trend. “Natural fabric with a simple design,” says Amanda Sweeney of Just Design This, and Gwen Harden of Gwen Harden Interiors says “a single column of luscious fabric that can either puddle or  just ‘kiss’ the floor” is the bestway to bring simplistic elegance  to a space. Doug Davis of Douglas C Davis & Associates adds, “we always love elegant pinch pleated curtains. It’s important to make sure your panels are wide enough so they don’t look skimpy compared to the width of the window you are trying to drape.”

Overall, window treatment shapes focus on clean and simple to let the room’s overall design shine through.Traditional items such as  shutters and Roman and Roller shades are popular in many areas. The choice to use shades rather than blinds as the primary window treatment is gaining ground, particularly because shades can be made from natural woven fibers such as bamboo. Roman shades have the added benefit of  maintaining privacy but still letting light in and are available in a variety of color and styles to fit any décor. They are classic  and have clean lines that work well, particularly for modern interiors.Roller shades are seeing an  increase in popularity. Roller shades are among the best fabric-based shades. Made with fabric rolled into a tube and attached with a cord or a small rod, roller shades can be easily operated by rotating or revolving the rod. Much like Roman shades, Roller shades offer classic and clean lines that enhance any décor with effortless innovation. In addition to shades, Plantation shutters add character and elegance and ease of operation.

According to reports from, shutters are the fastest-growing category in blind products. Along with blinds, shutters are also available in a variety of materials and styles, such as the wood, faux wood with embossed colors that look  like real wood, and vinyl. In addition to wood and faux wood, choices also include  moisture resistance, light control, and insulated options, corded, cordless, or motorized.

One of the most exciting additions to a device-activated home is motorized curtains and blinds. Homeowners can activate these advanced  window treatments via remote control, smartphone or even Alexa and Google devices. Cordless window treatments are easy to use  and are also the safest choice for a nursery. Plus, they give windows a clean, modern look. Motorized window treatments are convenient and safer than cords and allow homeowners to operate blinds from a multitude of sources; sitting on the sofa, in another room, or even before entering the house.

Doug Davis points out, “High-tech touches with home automation and motorization are on the rise because of their convenience and safety.”According to the Consumer  Product Safety Commission, between 1990 and 2015, there were 16,827 window blind-related injuries among children under six years old, thus cordless blinds and shades are becoming the standard. Cost, of course, is the biggest downside of this technology.  Depending on the size of the window and the type of treatment, expect to pay $300 to $1000 for each window, plus special hardware and  installation.

Even if motorized window treatments aren’t in the budget, homeowners can simplify the look and function of blinds with cordless lifts.

Regarding colors, since Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year is Classic Blue, experts point to coastal inspired colors, such as fresh greens, blues, and crisp whites as the latest color scheme. “Navy is big, also white in all different textures,” says Harden. Pam Anderson of Stitchin’ and Jenny Petrikin of JP Designs agree saying blues and greens are the latest trend for window treatment colors.Christina Swartz of Nashville Heart & Home of Fathom Realty  points out that, “all white is still in, but rich jewel tones (teals,  greens, blues)” are popular for accent colors. “Blues, soft greens, lavenders, berries as well as jewel tones in orange and gold,” add a special touch  while tying the space together says points out James Dunn of Vintage Millworks.

But, if you have neutral decor in your home, experts recommend blue as an accent in window treatments, pillows and accessories to pull a room together while creating a peaceful, tranquil vibe. As far as fabrics are concerned, experts point to patterns with a pop of color. Sweeney says, “The fabric looks that are hot for 2020, are exciting patterns with pops of bold color. For example, the sofa would be a neutral color and the throw pillows a bright bold pattern.” Linen, geometric patterns and fabrics that sparkle are also gaining in popularity. Gwen Harden says, “fabrics with sparkle, velvet looks, fabrics that feel good to the touch are great for large accent pillows.”

In addition, the exciting and emerging trend is the 70s and  80s are making a comeback. “The 70s and 80s are back! Either natural fibers (think hemp  and flax) or highly hued and rich textured,” Christa Swartz points out. Bringing in the 70s and 80s in colors is the easiest way to achieve this look.

Overall, as with most design, functionality is as important and style. Experts recommend  homeowners choosing something that they love and consider not only how the treatment looks but how it is going to function in the space. Privacy, light control and insulation are features  that cannot be ignored when choosing window treatments. Combining style and functionality is the biggest design trend of all.

There are a number of sources for window treatments in the Nashville area including:

Advantage Shutters Nashville 615/ 833-3425

  Bluehouse Arrington 615/604-2266

 Brentwood Interiors Brentwood 615/ 376-6361

Change Magic Interior Consulting Nashville 615/ 275-9514

Decorating Den Interiors Nashville 615/ 469-7334

Doug Davis & Associates  Birmingham, AL 205/612-7418

Gregory Nashville 615/578-3166

Gwen Harden Interiors Brownsville731/780-4156

Hunter Douglas Pearl River NY  800/ 274-2985

The Interior Collection Gallatin 615/969-7248

JP Designs Nashville 615/498-7802

Jennifer Jones Design, Inc.Nashville 615/269-6459

Just Design This Auburntown 615/606-8450

LightStyle Solutions Nashville 615/ 319-8400

Nashville Heart & Home of Fathom Reality Nashville 615/787-7007

Parks Nashville  615/400-6590

Sara Ray Interior Design Nashville615/ 254-6329

Solar Insulation Window Films Nashville 615/ 329-2500

Stitchin’ Pegram 615/354-1900

Strathmore Franklin 615/ 771-7477

Teresa Zilinsky Interior Designs Franklin 615/ 772-1481

Vintage Millworks Nashville615/604-5815

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