Bathtubs The Changing Tide

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Keeping or removing the bathtub in a master bath build or remodel is an area of contention for most homeowners. Complaining about difficult cleaning and space, by 2017 it seemed everyone was ditching their tub for a large walk-in shower that resembled a spa. Now, just a few years later, the tub seems to be making a comeback. Regardless of which side of the conversation you land on, a tub requires some consideration. Following are some ideas from our experts about choosing the right bathtub for your space.

First, most experts say, consider how you use the space. The choices are boundless in type, style, finish, and fixtures so think about how you are going to use your space and what will suit your needs the most. If you choose to add or upgrade your bathtub choose one that will not only reflect your personal style but function for your lifestyle.

Next, the type of tub matters. In a recent survey, 100% of our experts agree that Freestanding is the leader of the pack. No longer a simple wash basin, the modern styling of a freestanding tub is likely to be found from private homes to luxury hotels. 70% of our experts note that the clawfoot style of freestanding tub is still extremely popular.

More than a simple bath basin, soaking tubs are extremely popular. Most of our experts agree that soaking tubs are still a hot design feature because they speak to self-care and relaxation. Kim Frechette of Americh Corporation says, “Soaking tubs are always in style. As wellness and self-care become more and more important, homeowners and designers are specifying tubs that allow for a longer, comfortable soak.” Experts point out that multiple features such as whirlpool jets and heaters can add to the spa like tub experience.

The main feature to consider when choosing a tub is whether to have jets or not. While avoided due to the difficulty with keeping the jets clean (if you have the old style jets, a baby bottle or nipple brush works best), Mary Soeder of PDI Kitchens, Baths, and Lighting says don’t discount jets in your tub before doing some research. “There are now air jets, stream baths, and microbubble jets, plus, the advances in technology let you add heaters, cleaning systems, etc. All at the touch of a button! Most vendors have great online videos to see the different hydrotherapies working.”

Frechette goes further pointing out, “Jets are the ultimate in bathing, providing restorative massage through warm circulating water.” Features like hydro-massage accomplish a wide range of personal therapy treatments and other comfort equipment can be added to personalize each individual’s prescribed ‘me-time’. “Homeowners can easily find the perfect massage system that penetrates hidden tensions, stimulates circulation and restores vital energy.”

When it comes to choosing color and materials for a bathtub, our experts are split. While 100% of respondents said white was the most popular color, they added Copper, Slate, Wood, and Nickel all as runners-up to white. “While most homeowners want a clean simple look in their bathroom,” says Anna Stark of Anna Stark Homes, “accent colors add that pop of style that personalize the space.” Copper, Slate, Wood, and Nickel are all hot colors this year adding richness and personality to the space. Our experts are split when it comes to materials, and again say to pay attention to function and space to choose the right material for your design. Cast Iron, Ceramic, Copper, Fiberglass, Plastic & Acrylic, Porcelain, and Resin all made the list for materials. Ultimately, There are two main factors to choosing the right material for your new bathtub: price and comfort. Every material feels different to the touch, and experts suggest testing out those materials to find out which is the most comfortable to you. Price is also a factor as some materials may be heavier and require special structural support which means higher in price. Explore your options and find a balance between style and function.

Bathrooms give us a place to escape and bathtubs offer a way to soak away the worry and chaos the world throws as us. There are many factors to consider in choosing the right bathtub whether it be size, price or comfort. Many homeowners are beginning to see the bathroom and the bathtub specifically, as a space to unplug from screens and sink into bath salts and aromatherapy. It’s no surprise that bathtubs are finding new life.

There are a number of sources for closets in the Nashville area including:

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