Top Trending Kitchen Designs

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While the all-white kitchen design might never go out of style, there are plenty new design trends for 2020 that will allow homeowners the opportunity to find their unique style amongst the latest crazes. Accent colors, natural, ego friends and sustainable items, Most industry experts agree that they continue to see white shaker-style cabinets more than other choices, and handmade tiles and materials help homeowners add some soul to their space, while hardware and metal finishes invite homeowners to push the envelope without overshadowing the overall design. While kitchens are still the most used space in the home, kitchen design in 2020 invite homeowners to mix, match, and bring their specific style to their home.

Our experts agree that color is one of the hottest design trends for 2020. Sharon Hicks of Carriage House Custom Homes and Interiors, LLC says, “Color is hot, as in warmer painted finishes. Adding color to what was a stark white kitchen trend for so long” is influencing kitchen design. Bringing the outdoors in and the “super island” are also trending.

Brad Alexander of Zen Windows Nashville, LLC adds a trend he is customers are “bringing the outdoors in is an extremely popular way to open up kitchens by enlarging windows and doors and increasing their functionality regarding pass throughs and walk ups for outside guests and garden windows for growing your favorite herbs and flowers,” and Kristin Laine of Boxwood Properties, LLC offers, “Beefed up kitchen Islands. The island has everything, an extra sink, trash can in the cabinets, large storage drawers, countertop seating, and a killer excuse for a really great set of light fixtures.”

Finishes are also an important update to the kitchen design as Terri Sears and Carla Taylor of Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery point out, “We are seeing a strong interest in a mixing of finishes and sometimes wood species.

Typically, the perimeter will be more of a neutral color and the island or accent piece will be in a more bold or darker finish. Floating shelves are often in a different wood and finish. Multiple finishes can give more interest and texture to the kitchen space and give the client an opportunity to express their unique style.”

Our experts agree that bringing kitchen design out of the all-white spotlight of the 2010’s is moving kitchen design forward. The ultimate design work for any space is combining function with style. For kitchens, experts agree that homeowners look seriously at how they use their space and what they want out of the space. Is the space primarily for cooking or do you use it more a gathering place where everyone connects around food? Lisa Underwood of Legend Homes, LLC says, “I believe it is both; a place for cooking and gathering, especially in the world we are living in right now.

Everyone likes to be where the action is,” and Deborah Hayden of DC 7 Designs, LLC adds, “Today’s kitchens are a gathering place. Though Covid-19 has brought back cooking again, and that will continue to gain popularity, we love to have plenty of space to gather and share our lives with much of it happening around mealtimes.” Particularly with the current pandemic, the way homeowners are using their kitchen space is changing and the current experience is offering an opportunity to make the space you’re spending the most time with family the place that reflects your style the most.

Our experts point to several key features are showing up in kitchen design to help homeowners transition into their new way of living in their kitchens. Of all the primary features in kitchen design, our experts point to the island and lots of countertop space for eating as the most wanted features. Lisa Underwood says, “To have an island that has plenty seating for anyone to sit at and be comfortable” is gaining in importance and Kristin Laine adds, “I’m seeing bigger islands, with more creative seating around them. More accessibility to the cabinets, drawers, and shelves of the island. More sinks in the island!”

Beyond that, the most important design features that our experts are seeing is great views/sight lines, ease of movement, and plenty of seating. Brad Alexander says, “Great views, lots of glass, sliding or accordion doors that allow the inner spaces of the home to merge with the outer creating a totally adaptable space that increases the entertaining footprint but is easily transitional,” and Sharon Hicks adds, “Countertop eating space, areas for computers or recharging spaces,” and Terri Sears and Carla Taylor of Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery adds, “When your focus is more so on gathering groups of people and /or entertaining, it is helpful for the kitchen to be open to other rooms. This can give you more options to provide seating areas in or near the kitchen space. Larger walkways give more room for multiple people in the space and having a beverage center to hold drinks and snacks might also be considered.”

When choosing colors, experts point to adding pops of color and texture to achieve the look that you want outside of the safe. Jack Miller of Parks Realty offers, “Bolster the classic white/monochromatic white with a bright splash of color. Paint the island or accent cabinetry in red, blue, green, or even a stained surface.”

Margaret Orten of LCT Team – Parks extends that idea saying, “Color is a very personal choice. That said, light (almost white) countertops seem to rule right now, while cabinet colors can either match or contrast. I’m seeing dark blue and dark grey cabinets gaining popularity, but white is classic, and light grey is still a great color choice.

Tile backsplashes are trending mostly light, with some smaller spaces (think butler’s pantry or coffee bar) sporting bolder colors and designs. Dark blue is a popular accent color in patterned tile.” Something else to consider is painted appliances. Michelle Zelman of BlueStar Cooking says, “Color has the power to transform a room and painted appliances can completely transform a kitchen. With most major paint companies presenting colors that will dominate home décor in the year ahead, we can perfectly match any color through our exclusive color matching system.”

For tile, experts say hard surfaces are still important and opportunities for unique design with tile abound. Functionality and ease of cleaning of a surface or backsplash are still primary considerations. “Tile is still important!

Even if design trends lean away from tile, functionally you’re going to need a backsplash behind the stove. I have seen more metal plates, and other creative backsplashes,” says Kristin Laine. Margaret Orton agrees saying, Oh, heavens, yes!

Tile is still the finish of choice in most kitchens. It can really add a designer look and these days is found somewhere in almost every kitchen: behind the range, in a backsplash, or even taken all the way from countertop to ceiling. Tile comes in so many beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors it is hard to say, no to something so versatile,” while Debora Hayden adds a different perspective, “Tile is a feature on backsplashes, but with costs of appliances and fixtures, paint is a way to offset the costs of an update. With so many color choices, it’s a great idea. Wallpaper is used more in personal spaces, but I would love an accent wall of just the right wallpaper color and design.”

As far as incorporating technology into the design, experts point to smart appliances and touchless faucets, yet, kitchens are really focused on the basics: refrigerator, sink, range/oven.

It’s the appliances themselves that are incorporating the technology more so than the overall design. “While appliances have made the leap to intelligence with the evolution of the “smart” appliance, technology doesn’t seem to have affected kitchen design that much.

Most kitchens still have a refrigerator, dishwasher, range/oven, and sink, but now they perform a multitude of functions, from preheating themselves to making a grocery list,” says Margaret Orton and Katy Bell Hommes of Katy Bell Interiors says, “Wireless devices that use voice commands to connect to music or podcasts or the morning headlines, make a quick breakfast efficient and informative. Small TVs that pull down easily and back up out of site, pretty ipad stands that make recipe searches fun, and a tech drawer that charges all our devices, hides the cords, and keeps all the tech clutter out of site, and off valuable countertop real estate – are my favorite ways to utilize all this amazing technology!”

Terri Sears and Carla Taylor remind homeowners not to forget charging devices is an integral part of daily life, “We are supplying charging stations in drawers for the phones and tablets though we can also supply a USB port in a wall outlet as well. Lighting continues to advance with the ability to integrate it into the side wall of the cabinet or add it to illuminate drawers when opened.”

And what about the standard stainless-steel finish for appliances? Experts say that stainless remains the popular premium finish choice, but also increasing is “stainless fatigue.” As with the all-white design trend, homeowners are starting to feel their kitchen looks like everyone else’s kitchen. Michele Zelman of BlueStar Cooking weighs in here saying, “We are seeing the stainless steel and granite countertop kitchen design being challenged. People are feeling that their kitchens are looking cookie-cutter as opposed to the up-scale, differentiated look that stainless always implied. We see people going for sharp contrast with neutral cabinets, a glossy red or cobalt blue range that can stand out among subdued cabinets.

Even a bold color like greenery can look elegant against white cabinets.” In addition to color, a growing trend with appliance in addition to color is adding panels that blend the appliance into the cabinetry. Lisa Underwood says that the appliance panel trend is on the rise, “We are seeing a lot of panel ready appliances to match the cabinets.”

Overall, our experts invite homeowners to be willing to step outside of their comfort zone when designing a new kitchen while maintaining the basic functionality of the space. Our experts encourage homeowners to consider where to apply their choices, finishes, safety, budget, size, and functionality. How do you use the space and what do you want it to be? But in the end, says Sharon Stratton of Stratton Interiors, “designing a space that is warm and inviting will never go out of style.”

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