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Spring is here, and we’re all starting to emerge from the dark of winter and a yearlong pandemic hibernation. As the weather warms up and we start making tentative steps to emerge from pandemic lockdown, creating a backyard oasis and retreat is on everyone’s mind. The She Shed is quickly becoming a favorite space to experiment and make design choices unique to the space and the owner.

A response to Man caves, She Sheds are exploding in popularity. While Man caves seem to have been around forever, women are realizing the benefits of a personal retreat and have developed in popularity over the last few years. The She Shed has become a space for women to have some private time, decompress, exercise creative muscles, or simply refresh. Typically, Man caves are created out of existing space inside the home, such as a den, basement, bonus room, extra bedroom, or garage. She Sheds are finding their home as part of the outdoor space.

As with most design plans, it starts with an idea, a dream, and a few questions – What style do I want? What colors do I want? What do I wish to express? What is the environment that will bring my soul the most peace? What function do I want the space to serve? The She Shed is no different. Understanding the function of the space will service will often clarify the design plan. For 2021, She Shed design trends seem to be an open door of possibility. While the She Shed often offers homeowners the space to experiment with color, style, and accessories, our experts point to a few trends making their mark. Our experts suggest that Egg Chairs, Chandeliers, unique hardware, and an electric fireplace are becoming more popular for special touches. “Adding unique decorative hardware pieces like the sculptural hardware to accessorize the interiors and entrances of She Sheds is like adding that special finishing touch to a favorite outfit,” says Cari Jaye Sokoloff of Jay Designs, LLC. A portable or electric fireplace also offers head options for a space that is often more rustic.

The She Shed also offers opportunities to stretch design styles and do something totally out of the box. From color to personal touches, experts agree the She Shed is the perfect opportunity to create something unique. Jessica Vasofsky of Vasofsky Designs says, “Color! The spaces are still bright and airy but more personalized with a smaller emphasis on farmhouse and more emphasis on boho chic,” and Cody Jackson of C Jackson Designs adds, “Multiple materials are trending with She Sheds. We are all looking to reduce our consumption and waste as a means of conservation, and blending recycled, old, and new materials into the same structure are both necessary and hugely popular.”

The multifunctionality of the space has also become an essential factor in She Shed designs. For example, many homeowners are using their She Sheds for an office as well as a relaxing space. From a “staycation” to an office to a gym to a craft studio, the space’s versatility benefits homeowners in a multitude of ways. Deb Dawson of Coldwell Banker Barnes Realtors says, “Many women are using the She Shed for a ‘staycation’ since traveling is limited.” Cari Sokoloff says, “With so many people staying at home and working from home due to the pandemic, She Sheds have risen in popularity for use as home offices, gyms, screening rooms, art studios, and as peaceful retreats from a home overrun with cooped up loved ones.” Kim Goode points out that the options with a She Shed are really limitless: “The ability to use existing spaces creatively often allows the owner to maximize their budget. With a little imagination, a homeowner can create a one-of-a-kind She Shed perfect for their needs.”

Our experts also point out that the She Shed is moving out of the familiar rustic outbuilding without insulation, electricity, or windows. The flexibility of the space and the ability to add electricity, heat, and access to the internet are benefits and quickly becoming necessities. “Adding creature comforts like electricity, wifi, and climate control can allow for year-round use of a She Shed. “If there is no panel access, look for solar and wind solutions,” says Cari Sokoloff, and Laren Lea Manhein reflects on the changes in both functionality and design, “The She Shed was once a utility shed that was a catch-all for lawn and yard equipment and other storage. With some cleaning and rearranging and a little effort, it can become anything, such as a design studio for a floral business.”

Overall, our experts agree that colors, style, and trends for the She Shed are unlimited. From a mural to bright colors to modern, clean lines, there’s really no limit. Taking the time to define what you want and the space’s function will go far in designing the space. Know how much space you have to work with and assess the accessibility options to ensure your design goes the distance for your life. Our experts also offer a few special tips for your She Shed:

  • “Just go for it! These spaces offer a unique opportunity to have fun and be creative, so why not take advantage of the unique opportunity? Start small and simple, then scale up and make additions.” – Cody Jackson, C Jackson Designs
  • Add a wine bar! – Deb Dawson, Coldwell Banker Barnes Realtors.
  • Reflect on your personality and make it a space to feel happy and creative! – Lauren Lea Manhein, LL Floral
  • Maximize lighting with windows, a skylight, or special lighting specifically for small spaces. – Elizabeth Danler, Crye-Leike Realtors

Build One! – Gem Mottern, Weichert Realtors Saxon Clark

  • Indirect lighting on dimmable switches inside sets the mood. For exterior lighting, enjoy the view of the lights shining up from the base of the trees from the warmth and coziness of the She Shed. – Kim Goode, Keller Williams Smoky Mountains
  • Keep it simple. Use pops of color balanced with neutrals to make the spaces more personalized. Don’t overcrowd but make sure it fits your lifestyle. – Jessica Vasofsky, Vasofsky Designs.
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There are lots of sources for designing your She Shed in Nashville:

C Jackson Designs Rockvale, TN 615-933-1278

Coldwell Banker Barnes Realtors Franklin, TN 615-485-1559

LL Floral Nashville, TN 901-246-2032

Crye-Leike Realtors Murfreesboro, TN 615-625-2824

Jaye Design, LLC San Francisco, CA 415-822-4040

The Hearth and Grill Shop Nashville, TN 615-255-4551

Weichert Realtors Saxon Clark Kingsport, TN 423-707-9921

Keller Williams Smoky Mountains 865-446-0126

Vasofsky Designs Lebanon, TN 901-461-7334

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