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With the pandemic changing everything including the way that we live in our homes, homeowners are transitioning into a more confident approach to decorating. This transition is encouraging designers to move away from safe, muted tones in favor of bolder trends that feature graphic prints and rich color palettes. Celebrating raw materials, organic textures, and crafts, decorator fabrics for 2021 are embracing color and nature by mixing texture and color, and beautiful, smaller scale florals.

With fabric, our experts point out there are interesting trends emerging in all areas such as color, texture, pattern, scale of print, “Color and texture. We are moving a step away from the current cool, neutral palate by adding dramatic splashes of color, mostly through the use of fabric and upholstery,” says LeAnne Constantine of Constantine Turner Real Estate. Jennifer Jones of Jennifer Jones Designs adds, “Hi-end velvets, woven silk and fabrics, and leathers which are indestructible” are also making a splash this year and Bohnne Jones of Decorating Den interiors says, “The ability to customize fabric patterns and colors within a pattern is truly a game changer.” While the choices can feel overwhelming, our experts encourage homeowners to take it one step at a time.

Our experts point to how each year is bringing more and more bold and eclectic textiles. Whether it’s pattern or texture, designer fabrics are offering homeowners lots of ways to experiment and stretch that design muscle. Bohnne Jones says, “I observed a lot of animal prints at spring High Point market – both animal images and animal hide patterns. Mid-century modern patterns, abstracts and monochromatic textures are showing up in our new sample books. There are also a lot of florals too.” LeAnne Constantine points to raised relief patterns, and Connie Gaither of Reliant Realty ERA says, “lightweight weaves, and linen are gaining steam. It seems to be more about texture than pattern.

When it comes to color, our experts explain that rich colors are the go-to for 2021, with pastels or light/neutral colors for accents. “Rich blues, greens, and golds were shown at market along with a new fresh minty light green,” offers Bohnne Jones. LeAnne Constantine adds “Darks like navy, charcoal and cobalt” are a huge trend this year. For Jennifer Jones it’s “pastels moving into rich colorations from lavender, blues and greens softened with ivory and maybe a splash of coral” that are making designer fabrics stand out right now.

Our experts also point out that the way homeowners are using designer fabrics is changing as well. While draperies continue to be the most popular place to use designer fabrics, bedding, tabletop linens, placemats, furniture upholstery, and pillows are all places to use designer fabric. Bohnne Jones says, “We’re doing custom bedding with both high-end fabrics and washable fabrics. I’ve been seeing a lot of custom tabletop linens – runners and placemats primarily – and custom table cloths.” Custom projects are also impacting fabric design. “My clients want unique fabrics sold mainly to the trade allowing homeowners to create custom jobs,” says Jennifer Jones.

Types of material are also running the gambit and offering homeowners lots of choices when it comes to customizing their space. Things like performance fabrics and easy-care cottons are top choices for most projects. Bohnne Jones points out that “Performance fabrics are stealing a large hunk of our fabric business” because their attributes work for homeowners such as easy water cleanup, high durability, and light fastness. On the other end of the spectrum, Jennifer Jones claims velvet still has a huge impact in decorating, “Velvet is HOT! Linens and woven silks, wool plaids, even cashmere” all add beauty and a custom touch in small amounts.

While it’s often beneficial to spend money on high end pieces that will last 10-15 years such as drapes, our experts offer some advice for anyone wanting to watch their budget and still get that designer look. “With talent and study, a homeowner can create a great look. It might take more time to find when the budget is tight but it can be done if you take your time,” says Bohnne Jones. Shopping around for sales or looking for overstocks from your favorite designer are also ways to maintain the budget. Jennifer Jones suggests there are lots of ways to design on a budget: “smart shopping for neutral woven fabric and then add trim, which can be from hi-end to Walmart’s 3” wide ribbon. Also, learning drapery construction can save you loads of money.”

Overall, designer fabric for 2021 is encouraging homeowners to go bold and try something new. With that, our experts have some special designer fabric tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to look into customizing your fabric design as it might inspire a new project.
  • Use designer tactics and materials sparingly but very effectively.
  • Buy hi-end material since it will hang better and retain its shape
  • Invest in good reupholstery.
  • Use the best materials possible.
  • Add 2-4 custom pillows for accents.

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