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As with many other design trends, 2022 is shaping up to be the year of shifting focus and simplicity. For appliances this means function, easier maintenance, more storage, and amenities. Trends this year range from simple upgrades to specialty items, all with the purpose of making the kitchen the nicest of the most used areas of the home. Our experts point out that there’s a focus on technology and multipurpose. Think in terms of use, how, how often, and what the appliance will be used rather than what will simply serve the basic function.

Our experts encourage homeowners to look into things like induction ranges, dishwasher drawers, pebble ice machines, and speed ovens along with all types of technology from a smart fridge to Bluetooth functionality are all topping the list for 2022. Jennifer Shogren of Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting points out “Pro-style residential products are trending this year. The look of bringing a restaurant style product into your in-home kitchen along with colored appliances are growing in popularity.”

The movement towards non-fossil fuel ranges is coming at us fast with now New York and California proposing laws to ban gas ranges in new construction. Induction ranges are easy to clean, fast to cook, and better for the environment. There’s also the option of an induction cooktop and a wall oven offering the flexibility of placement.

Color is also impacting range choices in 2022. Some colorful ranges have been available for a while, but there are more and more on the market in so many colors that can easily beautify a space. A colored range can be a surprise but it is a great place to bring in color, white, black, green, blue, red or going more bold like pink, teal, or yellow.

As far as ovens go, there are two options that are trending this year: double ovens and speed ovens. Whether in-wall or under a range, double ovens are skyrocketing in popularity. The ability to cook two things at once at different temps and different times is highly useful and not only for special occasions. The ability to cook two different things on different temps and times is valuable for everyday cooking as well as holidays.

Speed Ovens are a relatively new in the appliance world. A speed oven is essentially both a microwave for reheating and a convection oven that heats up much faster than a normal oven and bakes things in about half the time. A speed oven is great for cooking many dishes or baking desert and cooking dinner at the same time. It’s also great for households on the go since it speeds up the whole process and genius for small spaces when it can be both microwave AND oven.

When it comes to dishwashers, dishwasher drawers, especially double, stacking, are a growing trend. They are great for smaller households because it’s not necessary to wait until the whole load is filled to do a wash. They’re also good for bigger households that want to stay more on top of the dishes throughout the day.

For fridges and freezers, something that’s really taking off is the column set up. Since the pandemic, many people are opting for more cold storage space in their kitchen. The column design features two separate vertical appliances with their own doors. They can be bought and even installed separately, one in the kitchen and one in the pantry. They come in stainless or white, and are panel-ready for the integrated look. The biggest bonus is the clean look they provide in the space; there’s no drawers or water/ice cavities to stop the eye.

Another appliance that’s making a big splash this year is the pebble ice machine. The ease and beauty of the tiny little cubes make it a must have for anyone. Thinking about it from the perspective of use, this appliance is one that most homeowners will use every day. It’s also excellent for a home bar for an outdoor kitchen/bar area for entertaining.

Not a new concept, an appliance garage is a revolutionary idea to visually unclutter our counters. An appliance garage is an easy to access, yet closed-off cabinet that can house all the daily countertop appliances such as a microwave, toaster, ninja, blender, and electric teapot. The appliance garage not only eliminates the visual chaos of those necessary appliances but it keeps the mess to one location making it easy to clean.

Technology is also making a big impact on appliances. Things like LCD screens, digital touch screen controls, Bluetooth and smart features, voice commands, and wifi connections are all making appliances easier to use and integrate into modern life.

Following are some special appliance design tips from our experts:

  • Think about what your budget can handle.
  • Focus on what the most important appliance and features are for you so you don’t get distracted by fancy features you’ll never use.
  • How does the overall function of the space inform the appliance use? Will your family gather into this space to help cook?
  • If you cook in bulk and freeze consider appliances with those features to help you cook the way you want to.
  • If you like cooking together consider things link he/she sinks, extra seating or a larger pantry.

For most families, a kitchen is more than just a place where they cook, it’s a place for socializing and connection. Thanks to the newest developments in engineering and technology, appliances help homeowners cook faster, better, and with less effort.

Following are a number of sources for high-end appliances in the Greater Nashville area

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Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, & Lighting Gallery Murfreesboro 615-890-5599

Hermitage Lighting Gallery Nashville 615-843-3300

Siano Appliance Brentwood, Nashville 615-771-0596, 615-771-5666

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