Countertop Trends

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“While granite is still a leading choice for homeowners and homebuyers and white granite slabs are definitely “hot,” quartz countertops continue to grow in popularity, according to the experts

Regarding popular countertop trends, Meghan Downs of Smokey Mountain Tops reports, “We are seeing the majority of our clients looking for that marble design without the high maintenance of caring for the soft marble stone. It certainly is beautiful but many day-to-day kitchen activities can harm the stone, causing etching, staining, and even visible scratches.”

Downs says, “Cambria quartz offers some great low maintenance alternatives in their marble collection. The durability and high performance non-porosity features of Cambria make it a very popular option for a busy lifestyle. Cambria offers 122 designs at one price point giving the homeowner a great range of options.

In agreement that white and gray remain extremely popular, Downs says, “Our clients are interested in slabs of stone with more veining and movement offered in Quartz, Quartzite, marbles and the higher tiered granites. The white and gray countertops on white or natural wood stained cabinets with clean, simple lines are really popular in Nashville these days,” she adds. “I love that look, it is a very inviting and calming plus usually brightens up the room.

Kristine Tilley of Indigo Granite & Tile, LLC, says the current trend is to mix natural stone with manmade quartz products. “Quartz countertops offer clients an alternative to stone products. The ebb and flow of design dictates trends and we are seeing a return to solid surface materials in the more contemporary, clean line designs.” Among the trends, she adds, are mixing quartz materials on perimeter counters with a wood island, or mixing stainless steel with stone

Leigh Skillington of Karmal-Skillington also reports seeing a growing interest in wood countertops. “Wood brings warmth to a room and reclaimed wood brings an additional eclectic spirit to a room,” she says

Kelly Oakley of ReFresh Home echoes the design trend of mixing materials. “The biggest trend we see that people will do an inexpensive, user-friendly granite on the perimeter counters and pick something fun and exciting for the island because that is what you see the most,” she says. “We’re doing a lot of contrasting colors, a white surround and black island or a granite surround and a marble island. People are willing to spent their money on the island which receives most of the attention.”

Oakley adds that as granite has become so affordable, it is more difficult to use the manmade materials, which carry a cost about twice that of granite.

Marble is the most expensive countertop choice, according to Tammy McKinney of Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling. “Granite is the least expensive option, followed by manmade materials, and then marble as the most expensive option,” she says. “Hands down, our clients want an open concept with a large island and plenty of seating. Selecting a solid color perimeter countertop and a bold island countertop creates a dramatic focal point for an kitchen

“While granite may be less expensive, many clients who want a simplified look—think Craftsman of Shaker—tend to like manmade quartz materials that allow consistency with a modern, updated look,” McKinney adds. Brands of quartz easily found in the Nashville area include Caesarstone, Cambria, and Silestone, she says

Summer Kath of Cambria reports that today’s kitchens are light and bright. “We are seeing more white in cabinets and countertops than ever before,” she says. “The look of classic, elegant marbles are in high demand yet the maintenance with marble is not. Quartz options that have the look of marble are becoming extremely popular because you can get the look of classic marble, but it won’t stain and is easy to maintain.

Waterfall countertops that take the countertop material over the edge and down the side of the cabinet remain a popular look. It is most often seen on kitchen islands, but is now making an appearance on bathroom vanities as well.

There are a number of sources for countertop materials including:

Bison Countertops
Ashland City
615/ 792-8812

Eden Prairie MN

Change Magic
615/ 275-9514

Elite Installation
615/ 261-9370

Clarksville 931/ 647-0276
Lebanona 615/ 444-2111
Murfreesboro 615/ 890-5599
Nashville 615/ 385-3054

French’s Cabinet Gallery
615/ 371-8385

Hantel Kitchens & Baths
615/ 292-3070

Hermitage Kitchen Design Gallery
615/ 843-3310

Indigo Granite &Tile LLC
615/ 742-0892

615/ 460-7197

Kings’ Chapel Realty
615/ 395-4947

Louisville Tile
615/ 248-8453

Natural Stone Distributors
615/ 251-1345

ProCraft Cabinetry
615/ 239-1564

ReFresh Home
615/ 472-1336

Superior Custom Homes & Remodeling
615/ 224-9771

Traditions in Tile and Stone
615/ 269-9669

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