The Coming Decade for Residential Design

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Adaptable, connected homes are here, but changes in scale and function will define the home of the (near) future.In an article for AIA Architect, authors Kermit Baker and Jennifer Riskus dissect the American Institute of Architects’ recent home design trends survey report that although it seems that the design of U.S. homes will undergo fairly significant changes in the coming decade, the changes will be driven by economic and demographic developments instead of Jetsons-era innovations.

The aging population, the continued recovery from last decade’s housing collapse, and a painfully slow economic recovery making it difficult for younger households to get ahead in the housing market are all factors that will shape the future of home design, the report suggests.

The survey results are based on the vision of leading residential architecture firms looking at the next 10 years in terms of home layout; features, systems, and products; neighborhood and community design; and kitchens and baths.

The key trends that they identified are the growing popularity of universal design; increased attention to a healthy living environment; infill development and its focus on improved design; and the growing popularity of kitchens as the focus of household activities.

In the past decade, AIA surveys have reported on the expansion of outdoor living space, the growth of home offices to support changing work patterns, and the incorporation of technology in kitchens and baths.

Emerging Influences on Home Design predicted by last year’s survey responses include continued expansion of universal design and accessibility features throughout the home; increased focus on a healthy home environment; infill development; focus on kitchens as the center of household activity.

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