Green Interiors: 10 Green Interior Design Tips for Summer

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10 Green Interior Design Tips for Summer

Here is a collection of tips that will help keep your house cool, stylish, and efficient this summer!

1. Add cool, breezy, summery colors to your home to instantly update and transform your space for the summer months. Marine blues are classic while cobalt blues are fresh and lively. Turquoises, aquas, and minty greens are fun and on trend. Add fiery tangerines and sunny yellows to accentuate the blues and contrast with the greens. Summer is a great time to play with color and add vibrancy to your home!

2. Going on a summer vacation? Turn off the water heater so you don’t waste energy while you are away! Same logic goes for appliances, televisions, etc. Unplug and save!

3. Add color and vibrancy to your interior spaces by adding a few (more) house plants. Plants are a great way to filter air, especially if you have the AC running most days. Sculptural bromeliads and orchids are wonderful, but don’t forget the lush, leafy green plants as well. It is like adding a spinach and kale smoothie to your diet!

4. It is tempting to try and grow new plants in the summer but try and focus your selections on local/native species that are adaptable to our climate and conditions. If you are considering major landscaping projects, consider planting a leafy tree as it will eventually shade your home and reduce your air conditioning needs. Visit Cheekwood Botanical Garden for inspiration and visit local nurseries!

5. Now is the time to add window treatments to bare windows. Did you know blocking light during peak sunlight hours is a great way to prevent rooms from heating up? Just be sure to let light in on the shady sides of your house so you maximize the amount of natural light! There should be no need for overheads on summer days.

6. Summerize your home by closing your fireplace damper! It is one of those things we all tend to forget, but leaving it open can allow cold air to escape up the chimney—or hot air to invade your home. In the same vein, consider having a contractor perform an energy audit on your home to help pinpoint other areas of heat loss/heat gain. Insulation and isolation is not just a winter thing!

7. Interested in composting? Try it now and your garden will thank you! There are many levels of composting, but remember the general rule: if it was living and alive, it is good for your compost (except for animal products).

8. Consider using heavy appliances (washer, dryer, etc.) during the cooler hours of the day when the house isn’t so hot.

9. Take furniture cushions, rugs, and hard-to-clean textiles outside and let them get some fresh air and sun. It is always a nice way to freshen up your home. Just be mindful of light sensitive items like orientals or delicate, fine fabrics that might breakdown if left out.

10. Last but not least, wash your screens and windows! Make it a habit to do this every year right after pollen season and you will enjoy clean air all summer long!

—By Kate Gray Fudim

Editor’s Note: Kate Gray Fudim is an interior designer with Beth Haley Design. Kate has a master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design with an emphasis in sustainable design. Beth Haley Design, an urban interior design firm, focuses on remodeling and revitalizing established homes, as well as creating stimulating, functional, sustainable spaces in new homes.. E-mail your questions to her at or visit

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