The Stair Barrier

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Did you know that staircase falls are the #1 source of non-fatal injuries for one-year-olds in the U.S.?   With the Holidays here, it seems like good timing to remind you about the product that takes staircase safety to a whole new level: The Stair Barrier.
The Stair Barrier launched in 2015 and is the only fabric safety gate on the market. The fabric design and unique buckle system enable Stair Barriers to work where many stair gates do not. Here’s what two of The Stair Barrier’s customers have to say about the product:
·         Jenni Farley (JWOWW) explains why she loves The Stair Barrier in this clip from her go90 #MomsWithAttitude baby safety products episode
·         Adam Busby (TLC’s OUTdaughtered) explains why he and Danielle think The Stair Barrier is awesome in this clip from Facebook Live.




The Stair Barrier makes a great backdrop for photos of the Busby quintuplets, but it’s so much more than that. The Stair Barrier Wall to Banister gate was the only gate that worked at the bottom of the Busby’s staircase and who needs a stair gate more than a family with 5 2-year-old girls?!
Available in Banister to Banister and Wall to Banister styles, Stair Barriers measure 32” tall and are constructed with Class 1 Upholstery grade fabric on the exterior and rigid plastic struts and heavy-duty polypropylene webbing on the interior. When Janelle Fitzpatrick invented The Stair Barrier, she not only created a safety gate with the flexibility to be installed at an angle and on banisters of all shapes and sizes, she proved that babyproofing gear does not have to be an eyesore. Grandparents love The Stair Barrier because of it 1. Looks good in their homes and 2. Rolls neatly out of the way when grandkids go home. For more information


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