Michelle Moore Creates National Designation for Realtors®

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When real estate agents get their license, they’re likely to quickly feel as though they have been thrown into the middle of a pool and left to sink or swim. Unfortunately, many agents get their license and are poorly trained and lack the knowledge and skill to grow their businesses and effectively represent a buyer or seller. This is an all-too-common issue and leads to discouragement, disappointment, frustration, and a high turnover rate within the industry.

As Michelle Moore’s real estate business grew and she became one of the top selling agents in her field, earning over 40 sales and leadership awards and reaching unprecedented sales goals, she began to see a hole in the real estate courses that were being offered. “Agents weren’t being taught how to truly negotiate and sell.” So she decided to focus on educating agents about these crucial skills, and much more, through books, courses, and a radio show, “The Power of Real Estate.” Moore explains, “My heart is for helping Realtors® in big ways. If I can help them, I help their families live better lives and their future clients get better served. Now that’s big!”

Moore recently announced the development of the Real Estate Selling Professional, or RESP®, a national designation program for real estate agents, to teach them the art of selling.

During her nearly 22 year real estate career, Moore says she found many courses to be too general and lacking in details and practical applications. “When an instructor says you need to call people in your sphere but doesn’t cover what to say, then you don’t know what to do, so you don’t do anything.” Moore explains, “Many agents cite not knowing what to say as the number one reason for not calling those in their sphere of influence. They’re fully aware of the value in calling, but they don’t because they lack the knowledge of how to do that. They don’t know what to say or how to sell themselves. They need the information and a template so they can make those calls confidently, and that’s what I’ve done—created a course to give them exactly that.”

In the 17 Invaluable Lessons taught in the course, agents can learn not only the principles to successfully helping their clients, but they also learn how to apply those lessons in practical ways. The course includes tips, tools, and details, even down to the scripts of what to say.

The course isn’t an overview. It’s designed to bridge the gap from the 40,000-foot view to providing real-world, hands-on solutions that are so badly needed for countless agents across the country, Moore says.

Agents aren’t the only ones who will benefit from this course. Home buyers and sellers win when they hire an RESP® agent. Here are three advantages Moore says there are to hiring an agent who has received this training:

  1. Sellers are more likely to get a quicker sale. When preparing a home for the market, an RESP® agent has been taught what it takes to help a home sell the quickest. Moore shared, “I recently read, ‘Staging used to be optional. Now it’s required.’ It’s true. I’ve been licensed over 21 years, and the expectations are much higher than they used to be. What your home looks like and how it shows and the amenities it includes impacts how quickly your home will sale.”
  2. Buyers and sellers are more likely to get a better deal. Unfortunately, hiring a real estate agent doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a better deal. However, hiring an agent with the RESP® designation does dramatically increases your odds. Many aspects of how to become a master negotiator are covered in the course.
  3. Buyers and sellers should experience fewer hassles. When you hire an agent with the national RESP® designation, they’ve been taught strategies, given checklists, and provided the tools to make sure little details don’t become a big headache, for them and for their clients.

Agents seeking a way to jump-start their business in a life-changing way, can visit RealEstateCoachingSimplified.com to learn more about the program and upcoming dates the course is being offered.

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