Permeable Pavers Create Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces

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In Nashville and beyond, permeable pavers are giving homeowners new reasons to go green.

These environmentally friendly products can be spotted around town, and they’re frequently used for driveway hardscaping. But driveways aren’t the only settings where these pavers are taking off in popularity – their durability, price advantages, and even safety benefits mean they have a lot to offer.

Permeable pavers are a terrific option for patios, garden spaces, and even less conventional areas like condos’ outdoor spaces. Willow Branch Outdoor Living installed Belgard’s Acqua-Bric permeable paver in Fossil color between condo buildings at Mason Rowhouse for water drainage benefits.

There are plenty of reasons to think beyond the driveway, and particularly in Nashville, where homeowners may be able to utilize more square footage if they use permeable pavers. There are also tax credits available for Nashville residents using this green option, and while the paver trend is taking off across the United States, Music City is helping lead the way.

What makes these pavers so environmentally preferable? They allow rainwater to penetrate through, which can be reused for plants and other items around their house to reduce total water use. In a setting like a home garden, permeable pavers are particularly beneficial for capturing water runoff, similar to the way rain barrels do. That can make for a creative, cost-friendly way to keep the garden looking its best.

These pavers help collect gray water, meaning it’s not potable, but it can be used for irrigation and anything else other than drinking. For homeowners with backyard pools, permeable pavers can provide a big additional benefit: Water is easier to drain when the pavers are installed around pool areas. Homeowners can also control erosion with permeable pavers by installing them in areas where they want to retain soil.

For Nashville residents, in particular, permeable pavers are a great help with water management in hillier areas. Where there is a difficult grading situation, permeable allows for flexible installations that are often not possible with a regular drainage system. Because water infiltrates through these pavers, they aren’t subject to the kind of erosion that other paver types are.

Sometimes, permeable pavers can even be safer for people to walk or drive on. The temperature inside has been shown to be warmer, providing a layer of insulation. During a rainstorm, permeables reduce slick surfaces, and in a city like Nashville, where temperatures sometimes drop below freezing, permeables can help prevent black ice from forming.

Unlike regular concrete, which often demands warm temperatures and sunny skies, permeable pavers can often be installed in adverse weather conditions, because they do not need to be compacted in the same way as other types.

Once the paving is installed, it will last forever, and it can give a home a distinctive look among neighboring houses with more traditional hardscaping. Nashville residents looking to beautify their outdoor spaces, save money, and find eco-conscious ways of keeping gardens green can all find benefits in permeable pavers. 

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