Top Eco-Friendly Home Design Ideas

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Creativity is king in 2018! Unlike decades past when only a handful of resources satisfied eco-friendly standards, many innovative products, and building methods are now accessible to make your projects environmentally friendly. Check out these current top trends in green home construction!

Innovative Use of LEED-accredited Materials

You may be familiar with LEED-accredited materials, but did you know that you can use these products in a variety of applications? One of the hottest trends in 2018 is to integrate LEED-certified building materials into unexpected places. Sure, energy-efficient light bulbs are standard in green buildings, but what about LEED-certified siding? Innovative products, like fiber cement siding, are now available so even a building’s exterior can brag about sustainability! An added plus—fiber cement siding products offer a spectrum of stylish aesthetics, including upscale industrial looks, traditional paneling, classic wood shingles and more.

Passive Materials that Protect Against Moisture

Forget archaic methods of relying on gutters for drainage. This year has witnessed a huge surge in passive building materials that covertly assist in moisture control. For example, house wrap is crafted with a porous film to provide optimal moisture resistance. With the ability to dry rapidly, it protects interior walls from the harmful effects of excess moisture that are common after heavy storms, long winters, or humid seasons. Passive materials, like house wrap, can increase the sustainable lifespan of a building, saving time, money and resources in the long run.

Integrated Temperature and Humidity Control

Another trend in 2018 is the construction of ICF homes and buildings, structures with insulated concrete forms. This strategy opts for energy-efficient insulated concrete blocks in order to achieve greater temperature and humidity control. Featuring enhanced durability and creative designs, insulated concrete blocks deliver efficient insulation, so you can stop messing with the thermostat to adjust building temperature. By decreasing the reliance on window A/C units and space heaters, ICF buildings can massively reduce energy consumption. It’s no surprise this method of integrating temperature and humidity control into the building’s foundational makeup is a rising trend.

DIY Décor

Another huge trend this year is the use of DIY projects as interior décor. In both residential designs and private office spaces, do-it-yourself projects have become a way to reduce participation in mass-produced décor, thereby minimizing an industrialized carbon-footprint. Most designers recommend customized canvas print décor as a great way to add a unique, personal touch to a room. An excellent go-to option, small or big canvas prints are also easy to rearrange!

Eco-Friendly Drainage Control

Finally, a practical trend spotted this year includes an eco-friendly approach to water treatment and drainage management. Cutting-edge designs, such as grate less trench drains, which is also used in facilities as a sanitary drainage system can be a huge help to getting water where it needs to go and minimizing waste. Linear slot trench drains offer a sophisticated option for water management, so you can build a home that is sustainable and stylish!

If green living is a priority for your next home construction project, try including one of these current trends in your design plans!

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Matt Lee from Innovative Building Materials is a green design and digital marketing expert. Innovative Building Materials is a website that covers various construction topics and design concepts with a focus on sustainable and stylish building materials.

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