Holiday Decorating Trends

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This year’s holiday trends embrace traditional red, white, and green, as well as the natural themes found in previous years. Sophisticated designs might lean toward metallics in natural colors. I’ve seen a lot of colors from rich purple to teal in addition to black and white trees too! Wide ribbon is still very popular in many various textures from velvets to faux fur and suede. Combine natural textures and colors with sparkle to create that special Holiday magic in your home. Use vintage ornaments from your family and add new colors into your tree for an updated look. Blend traditional Christmas colors with new to come up with your special look for a lovely personal touch making your Holiday decorations your own. Don’t forget you can decorate your kitchen cabinets as everyone gathers in the kitchen during family holidays. Use some greenery and ornaments on top of your cabinets or some simple ribbon ties to create a holiday look. You can also hang some ornaments from your chandelier for that added special touch. Take a simple clear glass bowl and place some special Christmas ornaments in them positioning them as a quick and simple centerpiece for your holiday table.

Want more holiday decorating ideas? Nashville House & Home & Garden Magazine will be out if full force in our Holiday best at Vintage Market Days. It’s an amazing event filled with Holiday decorations what are vintage and also handcrafted. Things you won’t find at other places. If you’re looking for those special decorations and finds you’ll want to come out to this event.

Visit us in our booth #1 at Vintage Market Days event Nov. 30-Dec. 2 at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville.

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