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Above: Clairidge by Cambria (from Woodstone Collection)

Quartz continues to be popular as the countertop material of choice, according to industry experts, although home decorators and designers still are known to select their personal favorites, whether that’s marble, granite, soapstone, or some other natural stone.

According to Kate Fudim of Beth Haley Design, “More and more customers have heard of quartz and are open to using it. When it was first being introduced, some clients may have thought it was interior to other countertop finishes, but now most people appreciate it.”

She adds, “Marble is timeless and basically will never go out of fashion. That being said, quartz is a great marble alternative for families or anyone worried about long term durability. Dark granite is spectacular but is really site specific at this point, meaning it isn’t an automatic go-to.

“That being said, white kitchens are not the automatic go-to either anymore and we see more and more people adding color to their kitchen with their stone,” Fudim reports.

Jean Ann Padgett of Celebration Homes says quartz is edging past natural stone because there are better color options at lower price points of quartz as compared to basic granites so clients can get the natural stone as an equally-priced option.

“The latest trend is white marbles with black veining to compliment a peak in matte black metal finishes and satin bronze (gold) accents,” Padgett says. “The newest trends are white looks with linear movement in grays or blacks in quartz or natural stone, with honed or matte finishes.“

Victoria Highfill of Hermitage Lighting Gallery-Kitchen Division reports she has seen more interest in matte finishes for countertops as well as the introduction of more warmer tone gray shades. “We are still seeing the popularity of marble and marble looks. Occasionally someone wants something other than that look, and, if so, the selected countertop has more color but is still fairly light in tone,” she says.

A honed or leather-like finish on marble may help disguise the looks of etching caused by acids, etc. Additionally, marbles with very low porosity (the rate at which water is absorbed) are generally less likely to be damaged by stains.

Highfill says, “The majority of our countertops are quartz, but the exotics and marbles are on the rise in the higher end of the market.”

Sharon Hicks of Carriage House Custom Homes and Interiors, Inc., says, “as design professionals, we see new products enter the market, such as porcelain and Dekton for countertop choices. However, our clients continue to make quartz their favored selection.”

Adding that she is seeing warmer colors being favored by her customers, Hicks adds, “While quartz is still largely the homeowners’ choice, imminent price increases may lead consumers to look at more affordable options.”

Saying that buyers tend to select countertop materials that are visually appealing to them is Corrie Rich of Exit Realty Music Row. “Luxury properties prefer natural stone, but it’s always a personal preference. We’re also seeing more squared off countertop edges rather than rounded ones.”

Tonya Knell of Maroney Real Estate reports her clients don’t tend to favor marble or marble looks, but “dark granite is a definite hit in all markets.” She adds that homeowners seem to know what they want and, with so much information readily available, they seem to be well educated as well.

There are a number of sources in the Nashville area for countertop materials including:

Beth Haley Design Nashville 615/ 228-3664

Bison Countertops Ashland City 615/ 900-5747

Cabinet Makeovers Nashville 615/ 331-7010

Cambria Nashville 615/ 331-8395

Carriage House Custom Homes and Interiors, Inc. Franklin 615/ 224-3545

Celebration Homes Brentwood 615/ 812-1990

David Patton Construction Goodlettsville 615/ 859-0240

Decorating Den Nashville 615/ 469-7334

Elite Installation Hendersonville 615/ 668-9959

Ellen|Sherwood Design Brentwood 615/ 376-6122

Exit Realty Music Row Nashville 615/ 8305050

French’s Cabinet Gallery Brentwood 615/ 371-8385

Granite Transformations Nashville 615/ 418-4818

Hermitage Lighting Gallery – Kitchen Division Nashville 615/ 843-3310

OHM Nashville 615/ 331-9440

Prestige Marble & Granite Columbia 615/ 525-5051

ReFresh Home Franklin 615/ 472-1336

Smokey Mountain Tops, Inc. Nashville 615/ 331-8786

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