Celebrate National Pet Month with Flooring America Products

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May is National Pet Month, and 85 million of us count beloved furry, feline or feathered pets as part of the family. Let’s face it, we’re obsessed with our four-legged family members and worship the ground (floor) they walk on. And with that mind, Flooring America is sharing the best in show flooring options that stand up to the occasional accident and damage that comes with pet ownership.

Take a look at how the different options stack up:

Luxury Vinyl
Pet Plus: Durable, waterproof, easy clean ups; Pet Peeve: Lower traction
Some of our pets are as clumsy and messy as they are adorable. If that sounds like your pup, luxury vinyl is a great choice. It’s durable and waterproof, but also incredibly easy to clean up. The rugged versatility and waterproof characteristics make this flooring a walk in the park.

Pet Plus: Treated carpets are tailor made for high traffic and pets; Pet Peeve: Some fibers make it harder to clean – so choose wisely
If you love the look of carpet to warm up your decor, don’t fret – there are perfect soft surface options for you and your pets. Look for a carpet with nylon fibers; it’s the most durable and stain resistant carpet fiber on the market (especially when treated with stain protection). Ask about static, stain and soil resistant treatments for a carpet that will really stand up to high traffic from two, and four legged family members.

Hardwood Floors
Pet Plus: Harder wood species hold up best for pets; Pet Peeve: Can be prone to scuffs
Many of us love the look of hardwood floors, making it one the most popular flooring options out there. Fortunately, your pet and hardwood floors can live together in perfect harmony. The best pet-friendly hardwood options are the harder species like bamboo, oak or hickory. Check out which hardwoods are made from tougher woods that stand up better under the clickety clack of paws.

Other flooring options like tile and laminate are easy to clean and long wearing, but keep in mind they provide little traction for the pitter patter of paws.

For more information on pet-friendly floors and more, please visit www.flooringamerica.com.

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