Remodeling the Pre-1978 Home

New Rules for Remodeling the Pre-1978 Home Homeowners and remodelers need to be aware of the fast-approaching April 22, 2010 deadline for full implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting rule governoring the work of professional remodelers in homes where there is lead-based paint. Since the use of lead-based paint was outlawed in 1978, it is generally assumed that this rule applies to any residence built prior to 1978. The original law was passed on Earth Day (April 22) in 2008.

March/April 2010


About the Cover:        The porch pictured on the cover was designed and constructed by The Porch Company. It features high, vaulted ceilings for airy alfresco dining and entertainment as well as bahama shutters to add intimacy and privacy.  The Porch Company custom designs and builds porches and other outdoor structures.      For more information visit  Copyright J. Paul Moore. All rights reserved.

garden compositions – the secret life of plants

garden compositions—the secret life of plants By Barbara Wise While I’m away spending some much needed time in my own garden, I’ve asked renowned (and somewhat quirky) horticulturalist “Prissy Pots” to fill in for me in giving advice for the late summer garden.  Keep yourself and those plants hydrated!

exploring green interiors – future home design, per one interior designer

exploring green interiors – future home design, per one interior designer by Beth Haley I was listening to a speaker a couple of weeks ago, Kim Rodrigue, as she spoke on change and our reaction to change. I found several notes inspiring. She reminded us that in the second half of the 20th century, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote, “It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is, the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will …

Bedroom Furnishings

Retreat. That’s the word used almost universally by area designers to describe what their clients want for a master bedroom. “Many people are taking an individualistic approach to what it is they want and desire,” says Angela DeYoung of Designs by DeYoung LLC.  ”The common thread, however, is functionality and a feeling of retreat.” “More and more, the master suite is regarded as a personal retreat,” says Tanna Miller of Trends & Traditions. “Fabulous closets take care of storage while furniture provides comfort and luxury. Sitting areas, wet bars, and large screen televisions are expected in a well-appointed suite.” Miller …

Exterior Stone Trends

“The past decade has brought in increased interest in mixing exterior materials on a home’s elevation to give it an individual look and often to reflect a style from the past,” says Vicki Donovan of Hearthstone Interior Design. “Stone/faux stone mixes well with a lot of different building materials,” she says. “Depending on its execution, it can have a traditional, contemporary, cottage, English Tudor, French chateau, or a Tuscan/Old World charm.” Eldorado Stone reports that historically the most popular application for architectural stone veneer is on home facades to add curb appeal. However, the company notes a growing interest in …

Home Builders

  Don Lofstrom — Franklin Company Name: Cedarwright Custom Homes Describe your enthusiasm for building: I’ve been building Lindal Cedar Homes for 10 years with homes now in three states—Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama. Building background:  I started in construction building geodisic domes and custom adobe homes while in graduate school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, back in the 1970s. What was your favorite aspect of this project? My favorite part of this project was bringing the outside in with walls of glass, large acccordian doors opening up to large decks. What makes a home more “livable”? A liveable home has …

Kitchen and Bath Designer Profiles

Anna Aycock — Brentwood Company Name: Designs by Anna Aycock/Tuscan Homes, Dino Elefante Describe your enthusiasm for kitchen/bath design:  I love kitchen and bath design, particularly remodels. I have been a designer for over a decade, but my personal experience remodeling my own kitchen three years ago ignited my passion for kitchen and bath design. What is your kitchen/bath design background: My kitchen/bath design background comes out of several years of experience in walking thru the design process, both new construction and remodels with my clients. I am also ASID Allied. Dino Elefante builds and remodels custom homes because he wants to …

Shopping Downtown Franklin

Shopping Downtown Franklin Franklin has long been a destination for shoppers of all kinds, and the downtown area includes antiques, furnishings, kitchen accessories, and more beautiful accessories than you can imagine.  Surrounding the town square, a 15-block mix of shops, businesses, and restaurants is listed on the National Historic Register. Downtown proper begins at the square and continues along Main Street for a couple of blocks.