Downtown Home Tour

      For those who want a look at what living downtown can be like, the 15th annual Downtown Home Tour can provide a lot of answers. Sponsored by the Nashville Downtown Partnership, the event is scheduled from noon-5 p.m. on April 15. Historic and modern mingle here to deliver a neighborhood like no other. Visitors will find living spaces in historic and rehabbed buildings as well as homes in brand new projects. Attendees can visit the sites in any order and at their own pace between noon and 5 p.m. Tickets may be purchased online or on the …

Outdoor Living Downtown – Vertical Gardening & More

        To say Nashville is changing would be an understatement. Vertical, residential developments are becoming the new norm as more and more people want to live in downtown, urban environments. The shift has inspired us to focus on outdoor living for everyone, not just homeowners with under utilized screened porches. Here are our top 3 tips for outdoor living, urban dweller edition!   Terrace/Patio Gardens As we see more and more Nashville high rise buildings go up, we think it’s high time we paid attention to vertical living and the implications it has on urban living. If …

Outdoor Living

In the past 15 years, homeowners have taken a new look at their outdoor spaces. Today’s private backyard spaces frequently feature covered living space, outdoor kitchens fitted with appliances similar to those found indoors, and upholstered furniture reminiscent of a living room. Doug Franklin of Lynn’s Patio Shop says, “The new outdoor room is the wow factor of the house. The customer who previously may have come in to purchase furniture to go around the pool is now looking for furniture to go under the roof of their outdoor room.” In the past an outdoor pool may have been open …

Southern Living Showcase House set Oct. 14-30

Southern Living Showcase House Set Oct. 14-30 Scheduled from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. seven days a week, the Southern Living Showcase Home will be open October 14-30 at The Grove in College Grove, with several seminars scheduled as well. Hatcliff Builders has selected Nashville’s Mitchell Barnett of Mitchell Burnett Architects and Planners to create the design for the home, the fourth collaboration between the Middle Tennessee native and Hatcliff Builders, which has been constructing homes in Middle Tennessee for 28 years. This will be the 12th home designed by Mitchell Barnett Architect built in The Grove.

July/August 2016

About the Cover A living room can be whatever the homeowner wants it to be, but the experts say it should be comfortable, low-maintenance, and a place for family and friends to gather. All the better if you can change the aesthetics with a few simple changes, such as throw pillows. Image courtesy Brewtser Wallcoverings. 

Living Room Designs

“Living room, great room, family room, den, game room—some families have one, while some have all six. No matter what you call it or whether it’s used by two people or extended families, the space should be comfortable and functional—that’s when it truly deserves to be called a living room,” says Gail Adkins of Change Magic Interior Consulting. “The formal living room is fading away,” says Bohnne Jones of Decorating Den Interiors. “Most people have such a space in their home modified to be something else—a music room, home office, den or library. I would call this room a flex …

March/April 2016 Cover

About the Cover Outdoor living is the focus of this issue and what better way to illustrate the joys of spring and enjoying the great outdoors than by sitting by a fire in your own backyard space? Photo courtesy Belgard. For more information visit

Outdoor Living

  Outdoor Living The move of expanding indoor space to the outdoors continues to grow. As part of that trend is the creation of more private areas that are room-like, complete with kitchens and fireplaces, according to Lori Pruitt of Summer Classics Home. Today’s requirements for outdoor spaces are just about the same as those for indoor spaces, according to Gail Adkins of Change-Magic. “We need comfortable seating, adequate surfaces for food and drinks, and good lighting. And if space isn’t covered, then colorful umbrellas are essential,” Adkins says. “Since people are using their outdoor spaces for entertaining, comfort and …

Porch Living

“Most people love the outdoor experience, especially when it is easy and comfortable to enjoy,” says David Buffington of Brentwood Interiors. Covered porches are a favored way to enjoy the outdoor world, he says. Overhead shelter makes an outdoor space easier to maintain. Rain isn’t as much of an issue, and it is easier to furnish such a space with deep cushions, deep colors, electronics, and more. “The popularity of outdoor living has fueled the increased availability of stylish outdoor fabrics and rugs,” says Buffington. “Synthetic fabrics have been used for a long time, but today’s fabrics are softer and …

March/April Cover 2015

About the Cover Poolside is the perfect spot to spend a beautiful day in Nashville. Shown is Summer Classics’ Skye collection of wicker, shown here  the Oyster finish. The stone top is antique marble and the chair fabric is Satine Either. See our feature on outdoor living here. For more information visit