Glass Shower Design Trends

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Glass shower doors and enclosures are simply part of good bathroom design. Providing both beauty and function, glass shower designs offer openness and light into a space that can be dreary and forgotten. While common glass shower doors have hard lines and powerful glaring frames that generalize and neutralize the overall design, a frameless glass shower enclosure and update the design and open the space even more.

Just behind the kitchen, bathrooms are probably the most used spaces in a home. Glass shower enclosures allow a homeowner to bring in the beauty of design into a FUNCTIONAL space. Our experts agree that frameless shower doors are the biggest trend in glass shower design for 2021. Den Adler says, “completely frameless ‘floating’ glass,” is the most current trend and Ernie Sanchez of Trace Ventures adds, “Frame-less, single fixed panel designs, open concept ideas, and barn door designs” are trending in glass shower designs.

There are lots of options for styles of glass shower designs. In a recent survey, our experts all agree that frameless continues to be the top style choice for glass shower design. Experts also say they are seeing more clients adding French/Barn Door style, Partial Enclosure, and Mixed metal are trending styles for glass shower design. Ken Adler adds, “Highly stylized custom enclosures” are a growing trend as well as homeowners are creating custom spaces that specifically fit their home and style.

Being at attention with details such as installation is also an important part of the design process. While securing the glass is of the utmost importance to avoid damage and injury, hardware that secures the glass in place can obscure the design. Our experts recommend considering how the glass will be secured in place during the design process. “You must consider how it is to be secured and if there is a panel or a door or both – there needs to be some planning for the layout to work along with your shower function,” says Sharon Hicks of Carriage House Custom Homes and Interiors. Along with this, making sure the tile work is properly installed and complimentary to the glass design. LaTonya Martin of Grande Style Homes adds, “Making sure tile work is properly installed is important when designing a shower enclosure. Shower enclosures are only a good and functional as the tile work they sit on and in.” Other details include thinking about places for soap and shampoo, towels, and shaving items. Sharon Hicks points out, “Including any wall pockets or shelf for towels, soaps, shaving in the shower.” Thinking about all of these things will make designing a shower enclosure easier.

As much as planning for practical matters is important, design professionals implore that homeowners remember the glass enclosures should be a natural and unassuming part of the design plan. Ken Adler says, “The enclosure should be minimal and ‘fade away’ while being stylish. Finding that sweet spot can be a fine line,” and LaTonya Martin adds the glass should, “add elegance and ability to use the tile to transform bathroom.” And Ernie Sanchez IMPOLORES homeowners to really think about the reasons for the glass, “Keeping the space open! Clear glass or no glass should be used so it does not interfere with the open concept idea and to allow any tile design to show as an accent or focal point in that room.”

While technology is impacting every area of everyday life, our experts aren’t seeing it impacting glass shower designs beyond shower functions. Rather than investing in experimental technology, our experts suggest focusing on the details you can control such as fixture colors and styles. Matching handles, pulls, and hinges is the place to start. Ernie Sanchez says less hardware is better “but some designs call for hardware, tracks or rails in the design. Check with the glass company, having the options from the glass company is a plus.” Ken Adler says “gold and gold tones are making a comeback, “brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze are on the way out.”

Another aspect of designing with glass is thinking about cleaning. Our experts say thinking about how the glass will be cleaned is helpful when creating a design plan. Ken Adler says making “Glass is porous and holds body oils and soap residue as well as mineral deposits. You need to seal the glass with H-2-Off sealer. Like with tile, grout and granite, the H-2-Off will seal the pours of the glass making it easier to keep clean. You then clean it with the H-2-Off rejuvenating cleaner and if done properly, the glass should look like new for many years.”

Overall, experts agree the glass shower enclosure needs to find a balance between function and style. Working with the glass company to customize different elements allows homeowners to find the sweet spot between both. Rochelle Coll sums it up perfectly, “Custom shower enclosures are the perfect addition to any new or recently renovated bathroom. Glass shower enclosures enhance the look of a bathroom, are simple to maintain, and will serve a homeowners needs for years to come.” While function is always of primary importance, glass can be a beautiful design element to any design. Our experts have some special tips when designing the glass shower:

  • Every enclosure is different and should be custom designed for the space and style.
  • use luxury tiles, calming patterns and wall features that make your bathroom a place of serenity.
  • The cleaning coating is a huge factor and custom glass always is the best application for the best, nicest result.
  • Design the area so that it works for you rather than you working around it. Focus on the design functioning well and providing a good design and overall look for your

There are a number of sources for glass shower design in Nashville including:

Genesis Glass & Mirror, Franklin, TN 615-794-5517

LaTonya Martin, Grande Style Homes 615-582-1156

Nashville Glass Company, Inc., Nashville, TN 615-254-1345

Carriage House Custom Homes and Interiors, Inc., Franklin, TN 615-224-3545

Trace Ventures, Nashville, TN 916-990-3875

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