Meet Malicious Women Candle Co. the hilarious brand of irreverent candles & more!

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Malicious Women Candle Co. the hilarious brand of irreverent candles, diffusers, room sprays and more that are raising awareness for suicide prevention while letting you air your inner snark.
Candles – Each of their tongue-in-cheek products is infused with irresistible scents with audacious names like “Our Friendship is Like Pandemic Jeans (Growing Tighter Everyday)” or “She Believed She Could, But Was Really Tired So She Didn’t.”


Room Sprays – Sometimes being stuck indoors all day stinks! These environmentally friendly and pleasantly fragrant sprays can make it better. 3. Reed Diffusers – Whether it’s Drama and Haters or Inequality and Intolerance bringing you down, diffuse your emotions and make your space a happy place with these flameless fragrance alternatives.

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