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When designing a home, the finishing touches are some of the most important aspects of the design. Doors, whether interior or exterior, are one of the most important features of a home. For example, the front door, or main entry door to a home reveals the personality and style of the homeowner telling visitors what they can expect. Our experts agree, door design in 2021 is picking up steam.

Overall, trends for 2021 point to natural wood for exterior doors, and color for interior doors, and, Jennifer Jones of Jennifer Jones Design, Inc points out, size is also a trending feature in doors, “Over-size height where applicable is trending, such as 8’ – 10’ clearings.” Amanda Sweeney-Jones of EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates adds, “the hottest trends are natural wood, it’s always a classic.”

When it comes to fixtures, our experts point out that brass and gold are key in 2021 with black matte running a close second. Amanda Sweeney-Jones points out, “Gold and brass have been making a comeback with the designing world.” Additionally, Juli O’Neal of Paperwhites Interiors, LLC suggests that adding personality to the trend will provide immense benefits. “We are always looking for fixtures that will give our clients a unique and custom finished design. One of those ways is by incorporating painted finishes as well as traditional finishes like antique brass and aged copper.”

When looking at specific trends between interior and exterior trends, our experts offer that size and color continue to be the trend. “It seems like the outside doors are getting bigger and wider,” says Amanda Sweeney-Jones. Exterior doors are typically painted a “corresponding color, such as one tint lighter, along with the shutters,” says Jennifer Jones. Juli O’Neal offers, “Stained doors will never be out of style and will always offer a home a timeless design. However, we often incorporate color on doors throughout our projects. Whether a bright blue, a neutral grey, or classic white, color can add character to any door and we do it all! There are no limits with door colors!”

When it comes to interior doors, our experts say Barn and Pocket Doors are still trending, designs that complement the architectural design of the home work the best. “Pocket doors are a must in certain situations when it is necessary to save space. Kitchen pantries, small bathrooms, and even separating rooms are just a few of the functions we’ve needed and used with pocket doors,” says Juli O’Neal, and Jennifer Jones says, “I love a really classic design but a front door should always complement the architectural design of the home Pocket doors save space, especially in tight quarters however, in the past (and present) if the door shifts and is off track, it becomes a huge issue to repair.”

When it comes to exterior doors, our experts point homeowners to focusing on what makes sense for their home and style. While trends in natural wood and larger size are making a stamp with designers, homeowners should know what will work for their home which will allow for the best fit. Amanda Sweeney – Jones offers, “The exterior door trend for style is wood and wider the better,” and Jennifer Jones adds, “I like to design an oversized width for ease of furniture moving; however, heavy duty contract hinges should be used and not just the standard 3, use 4 hinges for a smooth opening/closing and to keep the weight load of the door from shifting.” Juli O’Neal rounds out the conversation saying, “There seems to be a trend in black and iron for front doors. When a client comes to us and requests a black iron door, we always make sure they understand the need to incorporate stained wood somewhere else to add warmth to their homes’ curb appeal. That might be brought in on garage doors, beams above windows, or even in the material used on front porch furniture.”

Outside of natural wood, color is also finding its way into door design, particularly when pulling together the exterior look of the home. Amanda Sweeney-Jones says, “The color tends are gray and teal. If you pay attention, you will see that teal color on lots of front doors right now.” Jennifer Jones reiterates that coordinating color with shutters and trim, “painted shutters, trim, and doors should be chosen to complement the roof material brick & mortar colors.”

Overall, our experts agree that homeowners should not forget about the doors when designing their home and offer these special tips:

  • Check out the pivot door!
  • Review your options, there are wonderful doors available now.
  • Consider the space and overall design of your space.
  • Choose quality – solid wood not hollow core doors. A door is the eye for the opening into a home, it should reflect what is to come.
  • The door is the first thing you see at your home or business so don’t skimp.

There are several choices for door design in Nashville:

Paperwhites Interiors, LLC Brentwood, TN 615-415-4891

Jennifer Jones Design, Inc. Nashville, TN 615-354-8907

EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates Murfreesboro, TN 615-606-8450

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