Holiday Decorating Trends

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Bridging family, religion, and classic ideas of what the holidays are about, Holiday Decorating is an event that has become a tradition for most people. While the pandemic restrictions have had some influence on decorating traditions, our experts agree that the holidays are a special time for family and fun and an opportunity to let your decorating “freak flag” fly with sparkle and unexpected touches.

The biggest trends in holiday decorating, according to our experts, is sparkle and bling, and special unexpected touches. While pandemic restrictions are still impacting everyday life, the holidays are made even more special. Because most of us are still spending more time at home, creating a happy, fun and inviting space is even more important at the holidays. Troy Village of T Villager Designs says, “The biggest trend for 2021 is to expect the unexpected! What we’re seeing from our clients is pretty much anything goes and an expansion of what they’ve done in the past, and the desire to go bigger!” Amanda Sweeney-Jones of EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates extends that idea saying adding lots of bling is a trend for the holidays this year: “Glimmer, shimmer, sparkle, shine, and bling for 2021!”

“Lots of fresh greenery in organic arrangements, holiday décor in whites, neutrals, and golds, and a Christmas tree ring collar all make great updates to traditional holiday decorating,” adds Dana Tucker of Bella Tucker. Everything from the tree to wrapping gifts to holiday dinner is reflecting a merging of tradition and modern elements.

Our experts also point out that technology and social media are influencing some decorating trends, much like it is with other areas of the home. “Social media has opened up a whole new world of ideas for all decorating, and especially the holidays,” say Troy Villager. “YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms make it possible to give people ideas for holiday decorating that they may not be able to think of or visualize themselves, or it points them in the right direction where they know how to speak with someone like a holiday decorator about how they want their home decorated.” Amanda Sweeney-Jones and Dana Tucker agree pointing out that social media has made idea gathering and shopping easier than it has ever been. From vintage and homemade sites like Etsy to pre-lit Christmas trees that pop up, holiday decorating has taken on a process that makes it easier than ever to create your specific, unique look and feel.

For colors, the traditional red and green remain a holiday decorating staple. However, our experts note there are lots of ways to update the traditional. Depending on the type of palate you prefer, softer, bolder, or in-between, our experts say there’s something for everyone. “Classic red and green Christmas colors we think will always be in the mix of holiday decorating. People are expanding that look and introducing more contemporary things to mix with the classic. We’re seeing everything from bright and bold colors of bright blue, hot pink, and chartreuse, to muted colors like champagnes, blushes, pewters and gray and blue/gray tones. It’s amazing and also great fun to work with clients who want to go way outside the box with everything they are putting into their holiday décor” says Troy Villager. Dana Tucker adds, “Decorate in a softer palette is trending. While red and green is bold and traditional, I love to use soft whites and golds and silvers with fresh cut greenery and garlands. Mixing in lots of texture adds an organic feel to the decorating.” Amanda Sweeney-Jones adds that all shades of teal bring out the shine of silver and gold and is an excellent accent color for the holidays.

Sometimes decorating requires thinking about storage. After the holidays are done and you’re ready to starting thinking about Spring, our experts have some tips for storing the holidays so you have everything ready for next year. Troy Villager points out that clear containers are the top of the list for storage. “We highly encourage our clients to buy clear storage containers so they can see what is inside each container and also label each container as necessary.” Amanda Sweeney-Jones agrees: “The best thing we did a few years ago was to consolidate our go to Christmas decorations into storage bins and label the outside to make it easy to find what we are looking for when it’s time to decorate. It also makes packing up a breeze.” Dana Tucker adds to the conversation saying tree bags for the fake Christmas tree make packing it up easy: “Plastic bins they make specifically for ornaments are the best. If you use a fake tree you can use a tree bag with a zipper for your Christmas tree.”

Overall, our experts all agree, holiday decorating trends lean toward a combination of the personal and traditional. Make it special and make it yours. If you’re looking for that special something extra for your holiday decorating, our experts offer up the following:

  • If you are willing to do the research, you can find just about anything regarding design. Implementing those design ideas some people can do but others cannot and that’s when we holiday design and decor experts can help you execute!
  • Your holiday decorations should be an extension of your everyday decor. Swap out faux florals for some live greenery, add in some holiday plates and mugs, add favorite ornaments to a bowl on your coffee table. Don’t forget your holiday scents. Nothing says Christmas like Fraser Fir candles, Cinnamon sticks and peppermint.
  • You can overdo the holiday decorating, and even get way too busy if you’re not careful. So sometimes simple decorating is just perfect.
  • People tend to think about the decorations more than the bedding and bath situation. It’s good to take an inventory and see how the towels are doing and whether or not you have enough pillows. Is the mattress in need of a fix up in terms of a new pad. Your guests will thank you!
  • Don’t worry about trends, trends come and go.   Just make yourself happy and smile, that will trickle out to everyone else.” Lisa, Cool Springs Pool.
  • Take time for yourself. Take time for family. Listen, truly listen and hear the other person. When it comes to designing and decorating, think of colors that evoke the mood that you and your family are desiring. Colors impact emotion!”

Following are some places around Nashville to shop for holiday décor:

Bella Tucker Franklin, Tn 615-500-1517

Change Magic Spring Hill, TN 615-275-9514

Cool Springs Pool Brentwood, TN 615-400-5170

DC 7 Designs Nashville, TN 615-490-2637

EXIT Realty Bob Lamb & Associates Murfreesboro, TN 615-606-8450

Fathom Realty Greenville, TN 423-433-9629

The Glam Kraker Hendersonville, TN 312-350-9282

Jennifer Jones Design, Inc Nashville, TN 615-354-8907

Just Design This Auburntown, TN 615-606-8450

JW Nash and Co. Franklin, TN 615-513-8593

The Practical Decorator Nashville, TN 615-426-4741

Quirion Realty & Little Suburban Farm Clarksville, TN 931-933-0522

Select Homes Brentwood, TN 615-491-1117

Summer Classics Home & Gabby Home Pelham, AL 205-368-9453

Villager Designs Madison, TN 615-390-5902






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