Green Interiors: add a little green to your life

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Winter’s Best Décor Ideas –
add a little green to your life

Plants do more than provide an organic lush quality to the indoors, they help filter and purify air. Whether you have a tried-and-true green thumb, a black thumb, or want to try tending houseplants for the first time, we’ve got you covered.

Split Leaf Philodendron / Monstera Plant
If you have ever had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans, you will recognize the oversize, eye catching tropical leaves anywhere. These might be the most fun, charismatic houseplant you can have and are low maintenance to boot. Water them every 7-10 days and keep them out of direct sunlight.

Jade Plant
Jade plants are a timeless addition to any interior. They symbolize good luck and their puffy, voluminous leafs are joyous and cheerful. Caring for these plants is slightly more intensive than some of the other plants on our list as you must find the sweet spot when watering. Don’t let the soil dry out completely but also don’t keep it too wet. Also, these plants need full sun so make sure you scout out the perfect spot in your home before spontaneously buying one of these at the store.

Aloe Vera Plant
Aloe vera plants are great eye candy. They are sculptural, slightly exotic, and completely low maintenance. They can grow just about anywhere and need very little water. Often, the biggest problem people have with aloe plants is overwatering.

Spider Plant
Informally, this plant is known as the “easiest plant of all time.” It is not the most fashion forward but it has delightful wispy thin leaves and can withstand neglect. Mature spider plants multiply, with tiny vines growing off the main plant, waiting to to snipped and replanted. Place this plant nearly anywhere in your home and water sparingly, roughly every 1-2 weeks. Honestly, the biggest problem these plants have is overwatering which can lead to root-rot.

Snake Plant
Don’t let the name scare you off. These plants look nothing like snakes. Instead, picture pert long, lean elegant leaves. These plants are basically foolproof and can withstand even the worst neglect. They are very low maintenance and can be placed nearly anywhere in your home without fail and only need to be watered every week or less. It is fine to let the soil get completely dry between waterings.

Fiddle-Leaf Fig Tree
This might be the most timeless / on trend house plant of all time. These gorgeous plants have thick, buttery leaves with great veining . We love the visual height they add to interior spaces. They love indirect sunlight so try and place them in a bright corner of your home, next to a window but not right in front of one. They are pretty low maintenance and only need water about once a week. However, due the size and cost of these trees, most people tend to become obsessive over the care of these plants. Just a warning!

Orchids have become ubiquitous over the years as stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s seem to have beautiful specimens to buy year round. That being said, these plants are not the easiest to figure out and are the most high maintenance plant on our list! There are many nuances that need to be just right for the orchids to thrive and they require a good amount of attention. Make sure to water wisely, not too much, not little, place in a sunny but not too sunny space, fertilize, re-pot, etc. The list goes on and on. The main problem people have with orchids is getting them to rebloom. Cut yourself some slack if you can’t maintain an orchid and consider buying an easier to care for plant or plan on replacing frequently.

Calla Lilies
Calla lilies are nice flowering plants that are much easier to care for than orchids. They aren’t quite as exotic but are much easier maintained. Simply keep the roots very wet, aka they like standing water, and watch them blossom from spring to fall. Keep them in moderate to full sun.

Air Plants
The popularity of air plants has skyrocketed in the last five years and we know why. These plants are easy to maintain and are an easy way to add green throughout your home. These plants are unique in that they grow without any soil, as they capture all the nutrients they need through their leaves. Just know there are over 650 varieties of air plants so it is important to know exactly which type you have. Most need misting every week or so, depending on season, and prefer indirect sunlight.

Yucca Tree
Yucca trees look a little like mini palm trees and are very easy to grow and maintain. We love their tropical appeal and fluffy, fan like leaves. The stems are unique and appealing on their own, as their trunks have great texture and appeal. To grow these simply make sure they have plenty on indirect sunlight and water once a week or so.
Be sure to checkout the Nashville Antique and Garden Show and the Nashville Lawn & Garden Show. Both are great opportunities to ask growers for their recommendations and acquire beautiful plants for your home.
—By Kate Gray Fudim

Editor’s Note: Kate Gray Fudim is an interior designer with Beth Haley Design. Kate has a master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design with an emphasis in sustainable design. Beth Haley Design, an urban interior design firm, focuses on remodeling and revitalizing established homes, as well as creating stimulating, functional, sustainable spaces in new homes.. E-mail your questions to her at or visit

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