Shabby Chic Spring Burlap Table Runner

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By Brandon Nunnally & Melissa Bowen, Co-Owners @ AR Workshop Nashville

We are so ready for spring here at AR Workshop Nashville. Bring on the warmer weather, spring flowers, and baby bunnies just in time for Easter! In this issue we thought we would share one of our favorite DIY Home Décor projects, a “shabby-chic”-inspired bunny table runner. This project is so versatile and can be pulled back out year-after-year to bring a breath of spring to your home décor.

Materials Needed

1. Burlap Table Runner (18-in. wide x 10-ft. long)

2. Craft Paint

3. Foam Brush (1-in.)

4. Paper 4. Scissors

5. Craft Pom Pom (1-in.)

6. Glue (Mod Podge or hot glue)


1. Begin by printout out a bunny silhouette (or any spring design you prefer—baby chic, flower, etc.) on a printer at the sise you would like to use it on the table runner.

2. Cut out the middle of the bunny silhouette, leaving a paper stencil to lay on the burlap.

3. Cut the burlap table runner the length of your table plus 1 foot on both ends so it can hang off the ends of the table.

4. Using the foam brush and bunny cutout, paint the inside of the paper template onto the burlap, being sure the paper stays in place. You might want to tape or pin a couple of the outer edges of the stencil pattern to the burlap to prevent if from moving

5. When you’ve completed the painted image on the burlap, remove the paper and let the paint dry for 10 minutes.

6. When the paint is thoroughly dry adhere the pom-pom for the bunny’s tail to the burlap and let it dry for several minutes.

You can also add additional details to the burlap including painted polka dots or fabric cutout polka dots from scrap fabric you may have. You could use fabric scraps to create small Easter egg shapes to add to the runner, also. You can let the kids craft a smaller placemat version by cutting the burlap into shorter lengths.

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Ideas for Other Spring Burlap Projects

Burlap lends itself to any number of possible spring projects, and if you have scraps left over here are a few you might consider:

1. Wrap scaps around a foam wreath form, attaching with hot glue or Mod Podge. You could also use a wire frame and use burlap to fill the frame with burlap in a ruffled, decorative look. In both cases, once your wreath is complete you can decorate the wreath with seasonal faux florals, bows, or other decorations;

2. You could also use Mod Podge to adhere burlap scraps around a recycled jar or bottle to create a vase for seasonal blooms—real or faux.

3. You could stitch leftover scraps into a rectangular bag to hold faux florals as a decorative addition to a wall or door..

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