Tiny Homes: Fad or Future?

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Many ask, “What exactly is the meaning of a tiny home?” and “Where are cities supposed to put them?” These small spaces are the topic of conversation across the nation, but the real question is: are they a fad or the gateway to our future?
Tiny homes are often defined as a small space under 500 square feet with a portable aspect. The tiny house movement—also known as the “small house movement”—is a description for the architectural and social moment that advocates simple living. As real estate has skyrocketed, and many millennials have become dead set on becoming homeowners, tiny homes are a great option. They are an affordable means of debt-free, flexible homeownership with all the accessories one would need to live comfortably.
At the first annual Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo last year, the Tiny Home Village stole the show, paving the way for this year’s Tiny Home Village presented by Franklin Stone—the official hardscaper and landscaper of the exhibit. The village will be represented by tiny home builders like Harmony Tiny Homes, BoAD Micro Villas, KY Tiny Homes, and Modern Tiny Living.
Harmony Tiny Homes loves the tiny house movement for the flexibility and creativity it gives the builder and the freedom it can provide to the homeowner. Harmony works in a range of sizes and pricing and can build from pre-existing plans or custom, one-of-a-kind plans to meet a client’s specific needs. The company’s mission is to build tiny homes that are mobile, energy efficient, low maintenance, and storage-friendly.
In 2015, Scott Booster and Brandon Adomatis formed BoAd Micro Villas to provide tiny home living options for individuals looking for a quality-built structure to be used for a permanent home or recreational purposes. They are best known for their Hunstman Cabin, which provides comfortable shelter for hunters with the added benefit of mobility without property tax. Scott and Brandon encourage creativity in each individual design, and working with customers to build their ideal structure.
At KY Tiny Homes, the philosophy is to build smarter. Whether customers are going tiny for their primary home or a vacation retreat, the company builds to accommodate plans and dreams.
Modern Tiny Living is the Midwest’s first fully-custom tiny house design and construction company. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the company is proud to be part of the movement and takes pride in creating the most strikingly beautiful, architecturally sound, and livable tiny homes in the world.
Whether you are actively pursuing the tiny house lifestyle, simplifying your life, or just curious to see what all the buzz is about, you need to visit the Tiny Home Village presented by Franklin Stone at the Nashville Home + Remodeling Expo.

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